7.1.13.  We have added one of the more recent Model Tree Ordinances we have come upon.  The model is properly structured, well researched and complimented with an outline Tree Policy Manual and other applicable administrative forms. The model prepared by the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission establishes a public, advisory Tree Commission and gives substantial power to them in regard to public zoning permit decisions. However, the work of the commission centers on tree management over public land only. You will find the model for download under the Tree Ordinance Section of this site.
6.2.13  New information has been added on the subject of Green Parking. You might want to read some of the downloadable articles.

2.25.14 Green Building Regulations..New content has been added from our research database concerning Green Building. You will find a paper written for the Louisiana State Planning Conference held in New Orleans.  

2.25.14  Green Laws in Louisiana. A complete listing of landscape regulations in the State of Louisiana has been updated. The original study conducted in 1987 discovered 14 such municipal laws in the state. Today you will find 47 including the newest draft City of New Orleans coder, Art. 23 that is one of the first sustainability based landscape codes in the nation. Visit the New Orleans City Planning Commission website http://www.nola.gov/city-planning/ to check it contents. Editor


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    June 2013


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